Last updated 4/24/20

William is a major character in Gardenscapes and the game the Homescapes. He is the father of Austin, and the husband of Olivia.

He was most keen on selling the house while renovating the hall, and eventually gave up on the idea.


He seems to like joking and eating, and can be a bit stubborn. He is a retired butler, and also is a huge troublemaker in the game. He tends to be a little less optimistic than his wife or son.


  • William is revealed to be a troublemaker when he breaks the floor in the living room. He is also very spry for his age, indicated by his tendency to indicate happiness by jumping up and clicking his heels.
  • Though William loves Olivia very much, he can be a bit jealous sometimes, especially with other male characters.
  • Another of William's idiosyncrasies is that he tends to judge people prematurely, as is the case with him and Tom, the local ranger at the Lake House. However, he is quick to make friends with Tom upon discovering their mutual passion for fishing.
  • Similar to most of the other characters in "Homescapes", William is multi-talented. In addition to being a butler, he is also a former racing champion, and a skilled saxophone player.
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