Tom Edit

Tom is Austin's neighbor, when he starts restoring, the Lake Cabin. He is a forest ranger and a great Wild-life expert. Although his attitude is a bit rough, Austin and he eventually become friends. He is now, one of the main characters in the Plot of the Lake Cabin

Meeting with Austin Edit

On, the first few days of living in the Lake Cabin, Austin, feels that someone watches him all the time. He thinks that there was a Ghost in the Woods. This creates tension in his mind. But eventually, he finds out that the ghost was actually Tom!

Trivia Edit

  • Tom's nature is a bit rough, but Austin and him become friends after several disagreements.
  • He does not like exploiting nature. That is presumably why he scared off the Lake Cabin's previous owners.
  • Although he does not normally approve of turning wild animals into pets, he has a hedgehog named Prickles, who he cared for after the animal was hit by a car.
  • He is a highly skilled fisherman, which enables him and William (who was previously antagonistic toward him) to become friends.
  • Reporters were scared to have an interview with him, but eventually, they realize his passion for nature and why his attitude was strange to others.
  • Although he is not particularly sociable, Tom has some talent with children: Chloe and Scotty enjoy their lessons with him.
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