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Party Room[edit | edit source]

The Party Room is the seventh room/area that Austin renovated in his house. He restores the area to celebrate his mother's birthday party.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Olivia's birthday is almost around the corner, and the family plans to celebrate her birthday by restoring this room. They secretly read her Wish book and find out her wishes - to reach a star and sing a song. Austin and his friends prepare many surprises too.

The party is being planned by Austin, and William. They invite Jeb to play the drums, along with them, in Olivia's song. Lisa, the mailwoman, brings Birthday gifts to Olivia.

On her birthday, Mrs. Broom and Austin get things ready. William enters as Prince Charming on Claire's dragonfly, shocking Olivia. He reveals that a star is named after her. The town bursts with fireworks on this occasion. Olivia's birthday cake is prepared by Ralph Ray. Mrs. Broom and Katherine gift her an florarium, Andy gifts her a Photo Frame and Ellen gifts her a Photo Studio. The stage is set for a song! Austin, William, Jeb, and Olivia rock the stage. The party becomes a huge success and everyone enjoys it.

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