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This the third room that Austin renovates. Ralph Ray's cooking show happens when renovating the kitchen, and has Olivia and Stephanie competing


Olivia's long passion was to participate in Ralph rays show. Later a woman named mrs broom who is Katherines mother insults her and they both start to compete with each other in Ralph ray's cooking contest.  

But the kitchen is in an utter mess. Austin takes the initiative and restores the kitchen and takes help from his friends to decorate the room. Olivia and Stephanie come to the completion where Olivia prepares a house cake and Ms. Broom prepared a chocolate souffle . 

Olivia wins the contest, and Ms. Broom congratulates her, they become friends after that. Ralph Ray compliments her cake as the best. The story ends by Austin receiving a cooking set rewarded by Ralph Ray 

Trivia Edit

Kitchen Trivia
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