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Team Tournament is a regular, time-limited team competition in Homescapes.

How does it work?

  • The objective for your team is to place in the top five. You will need to earn crowns by beating Levels. Each win gives you one crown. A team's earned crowns are summed.
  • The top five teams' rewards can be seen in the main event window.
  • There are no special Levels for the Event.


  • To participate, you need to be on a team of at least five people.
  • By leaving/changing your team during the event, you will not get a reward.
  • You need stable WiFI to see the leaderboard.

Algorithm of Team Tournament

  • Opposing teams are chosen based on the speed they can beat Levels. This is possibly to keep things equitable. A team's speed is determined by the number of Levels everyone beat over the past week.
  • If your team places in the top five, each team member will get the same reward, unless your team also places in the top 3.

Team Tournament Leaderboard.png


Team Rewards

The top three contributors of the tournament get extra rewards at the end of the event

Top Contributors Reward
1 5 Rainbow Ball.png
2 3 Rainbow Ball.png
3 2 Rainbow Ball.png


The top five of the best participated teams receive huge rewards from 30,000 to 180,000 Coins.

Position of the entire Team Reward for each player
1 6,000 Coins.png
2 3,000 Coins.png
3 2,000 Coins.png
4 1,500 Coins.png
5 1,000 Coins.png