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Event Introduction Edit

Team Chest is a temporary event in which you participate with your team members and get rewards.

Participation: Edit

  • The event goal is to open the chest after collecting the necessary number of crowns.
  • Players get a crown for every level they beat.
  • All the crowns earned by the members of a team are added together.
  • If the team reaches the goal, all team members get a reward from the chest.


  • You must be on a team to participate in this event.
  • If you switch teams during the event, the crowns you earned on your first team won't be transferred to your second team.
  • If you get removed from a team, you won't get the reward.
  • If you already received the reward, you won't be able to receive it again if you switch to a new team within the current event.


Only Participants can receive these awards!

Note: Rewards received and crowns required are based on the team's average level

Chests Required Rewards
200 to 2500 300 Coins
2 Paper Plane b
2 RocketBomb
2 Rainbow Ball
2h Unlimited Lives
1 Hammer
1 Glove
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