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Surprise Boxes are special semi-obstacles in Homescapes. They contain a random power-up or one of the following:

You can open them by making matches or exploding power-ups next to them.

Tips on Surprise Boxes

  • Surprise Boxes are obstacles because they are immovable, but they may not release another obstacle in return.
  • In some levels, on subsequent tries, surprise boxes can release different items, so stay alert!


Guide Elements Feel the Layers.png


  • In Gardenscapes, this element is known as the Mystery Sack, except it is mobile and can contain anything but what is and what can be but is not the level goal or anything that takes up more than one space.
    • This is the same for Fishdom, albeit being considered Mystery Jars.
    • In Candy Crush, they are called the Mystery Candy, which was removed in April 2021.