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Introduced at Level 90, suds are a major obstacle in the game homescapes. You need to make matches or explode power-ups next to them to remove them. Just be careful, because suds are tricky: they'll spread further and block one tile after another with each move you make that does not remove any of the suds in the field.

Tips on SudsEdit

  • Suds are delicate. Activating power ups such as rockets remove a lot of nearby suds at a time
  •  Bombs are the best way to remove suds
  • In levels which does not not have suds as the level goal, avoid wasting moves on them

Rich sudsEdit

An even more major obstacle is rich suds. It looks more like suds. But unlike ordinary suds which directly spread into one tile, rich suds forms bubbles too. Make two matches or activate two power ups to remove rich suds.

Rich suds

Rich suds

Levels with both types of sudsEdit

These levels would be very tricky, as it you make a move to remove one kind of a sud at a time, the other type of suds may spread. Each move must remove both kinds of suds so that they do not spread. 

Soap foamerEdit

The soap foamer produces suds in every move you make. Matches and power ups can help in removing the suds. This element can't be removed...  

Soap foamer

Soap foamer




Soap is a new element, which replaces nearby obstacles with Suds, when matches or power ups are made next to them.

Tutorial on SudsEdit

Homescapes The Suds Family-0
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