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Suds[edit | edit source]

Introduced at Level 91, Suds is a major obstacle in Homescapes. You need to make matches or explode power-ups next to them to remove them. Just be careful: suds will spread further for every move you don’t clear one.

Tips on Suds[edit | edit source]

  • Note that Rockets that hit tiles next to Suds will clear the Suds as well, as long as the tiles aren’t obstacles. The same goes for Bombs, which are the best way to remove Suds.
  • In non-Suds levels, do not waste moves dealing with those. Instead, focus on the level goals and clear out the Suds if there is too little room.

Rich suds[edit | edit source]

An even more major obstacle, Rich Suds both spread into tiles and form Bubbles. Make two matches or activate two power-ups to clear them away.

Rich Suds

Tip: Level With Both Types of Suds[edit | edit source]

If you clear out only the Ordinary Suds, the Rich Suds will spread, and vice-versa. Hence, be sure to clear out both suds with each move. Though the Ordinary Suds are less painful, still clear them.

Soap foamer[edit | edit source]

This Element can’t be removed, and it produces Suds with every move you make.

Soap Foamer

​​​​​​Soap[edit | edit source]


Soap is another Element which, when matched next to, moves in one direction, replacing obstacles with Suds.

Stuck? Watch this video for a full tutorial.

Homescapes Official’s The Suds Family

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