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Studio Edit

Studio is the 3rd Room that Austin restores in the Lake Cabin.

Plot Edit

Andy's studio gets soaked in water and his paintings are destroyed, presumably during the flood in the previous chapter. Austin invites him to stay in his Lake House while his place is rebuilt.

Andy has to prepare a work of art for an upcoming charity art exhibition. After several complications and failed efforts, he manages to do so. Olivia, an aspiring novelist in her younger years, is encouraged by her son to write a mystery novel.

William, Raul, and Patrick also prepare a wide variety of art projects that are displayed at the exhibition. Catherine and Scotty get into the act as well.

A new character is introduced: Arthur, one of the facilitators for the art exhibition. Though impatient at first, he proves an important ally to both Andy and Olivia. He also reminds Austin of the importance of behind-the-scenes people (like Austin himself) in matters of the arts.

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