Event IntroductionEdit

In this event, you need to beat levels, to earn stickers. Stickers are used to complete tasks which arises in a Horror House. You Get Rewards for each chapter you complete!

Important Note: Edit

  • All players who have reached Level 26 can participate in the Event!
  • Stickers are awarded only for beating the main chain of levels or levels with chests. The chain of levels from Furry Tale doesn't give you stickers as a reward!

Tasks Edit

Austin and his family go a road trip, where they encounter an awesome adventure!

Spooky Stories

Some Spooky Adventures!

These are the chapters in Austin's story

Chapter 1- Two Years Ago..  Edit

Austin in on the way to a Road Trip, and he gets ready to stay in a hotel. But on the way many things happen-
Sl.No Task Tickets Reqd. Xp.
1 Turn on the GPS 1Tickets 8xp
2 Check with the Map 1Tickets 9xp
3 Pick up the Sign 1Tickets 8xp
4 Clean the Sign 1Tickets 8xp
5 Get the Keys out 2Tickets 8xp
6 Start the Car 2Tickets 8xp
7 Find the Gas Can 1Tickets 8xp
8 Find the Stick 1Tickets 8xp
9 Check the Bushes 2Tickets 8xp
10 Pick the Object 2Tickets 9xp
Unlimited Lives 30m
14Tickets 100xp

Chapter 2- In the Hotel  Edit

Austin and his Parents, get shocked seeing the hotel, with a Headless- Mannequin, a key-less, a Spooky room. What's next? <center>

Sl.No Task Tickets Reqd. Xp.
1 Knock on the Door 2Tickets 9xp
2 Open the Door 3Tickets 17xp
3 Read the Note 2Tickets 10xp
4 Take the Key 2Tickets 9xp
5 Pay for the Room 3Tickets 9xp
6 Fix the Switch 2Tickets 9xp
7 Clean Up 2Tickets 8xp
8 Make the Beds 2Tickets 8xp
9 Drink Tea 3Tickets 10xp
1 Paper Plane,
23Tickets 100xp

Chapter 3- A Spooky Night... Edit

Austin and Olivia creep out seeing footprints on their window and gets out of the room, in search of William<center>

Sl.No Task Tickets Reqd. Xp.
1 Look at the Window 2Tickets 8xp
2 Go out into the Hall 3Tickets 9xp
3 Search the Jacket 2Tickets 8xp
4 Find the Phone 2Tickets 8xp
5 Call the Police 2Tickets 8xp
6 Find a piece of paper 2Tickets 9xp
7 Find something heavy 3Tickets 13xp
1 Paper Plane,
1Rainbow Ball
16Tickets 100xp

Chapter 4- Climax  Edit

<center> Austin and Olivia find William. The ghost turns out to be a Monkey!

Sl.No Task Tickets Reqd. Xp.
1 Pick up the Gas can 2Tickets 7xp
2 Examine Footprints 2Tickets 7xp
3 Follow Footprints 3Tickets 8xp
4 Approach the Stage 2Tickets 7xp
5 Listen 2Tickets 7xp
6 Pull the Cables out 2Tickets 7xp
7 Drop the Curtain 3Tickets 8xp
8 Listen to William 2Tickets 7xp
9 Meet the Mayor 3Tickets 8xp
10 Hear out the story 2Tickets 7xp
11 Cut the Cake 3Tickets 7xp
12 See the Newspaper 2Tickets 6xp
13 See the Fireworks 2Tickets 7xp
14 Take Pictures 3Tickets 7xp
30m. Unlimited Lives
1Rainbow Ball
Bambino, the Monkey

Bambino, the Monkey

33Tickets 100xp
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