Shanti is a manual therapist in Homescapes. She plays a major part when Austin makes a Relaxation Room.

Biography Edit

When Austin injures himself in the process of moving some junk out of the newly opened Relaxation Room, Catherine advises him to have Shanti come and help him. At her advice, Austin outfits the room with a massage table, as well as other items that facilitate fitness, relaxation, meditation, and positive energy. He also encourages her to create an online channel so that more people can benefit from her advice, and helps her to reach a wider audience through local television.

Shanti returns later on, when Austin and Robbie are working on the Guest House. She shares her expertise in medicinal roots and berries with Scotty and Chloe.

Trivia Edit

In Hindi and Bengali, the name "Shanti" means calm. This alludes to her job as a manual therapist.

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