Scotty is a recurring character in Homescapes. He appears briefly in several stages, notably the Garden, Movie Theater, and Relaxation Room; and has a major role in the Guest House level.

Biography Edit

Scotty first appears when Austin is fixing up the orangery: his dog, Toby, scares William in the night. He subsequently briefly appears in later chapters. When the library is being renovated, he adds a comic book collection to it. Later on, when the relaxation room is being done, he turns up, asking for help in getting accepted into a travel club at his school. When Robbie and Chloe visit and help Austin construct the Guest House, Scotty is a regular visitor.

Trivia Edit

  • Scotty's exact age is uncertain. While Austin refers to him as a "teen-ager", he given his own age as eleven.
  • Scotty usually wears a red and white jacket and a reversed blue and white baseball cap. He usually wears blue shorts, though in photo cutscenes he is seen wearing long pants.

Gallery Edit

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