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Relaxation RoomEdit

Relaxation Room is the tenth room which Austin restores in his parents' Mansion. The room is restored to make himself relaxed when he gets injured. A new character, Shanti, is introduced, while Jeb and katherine return to assist with construction and putting in plants. Also, Scotty and Ralph Ray are featured.


Austin is getting ready to open the new Room, but he gets seriously injured while trying to move a heavy weight set unassisted (against William's advice). William sells the old furniture in that room to Raul.

When Austin's injury doesn't heal, Catherine urges him to contact Shanti, a manual therapist. Shanti gives him a massage, then helps him turn the broken-down room (formerly used for storage) into a Relaxation Room, with a fountain, flower beds, a meditation area, outdoor hammocks, and a place for family tea. Austin's physical injury recovers quickly, and his mental stress is soon dispelled as well, thanks to Shanti's adept therapy.

In order to repay Shanti for her help, Austin aids her in getting her sage advice in healthy and harmonious living to a wider audience. He contacts Ralph Ray, with whom his family is still close, and gets him to feature Shanti on his cooking show. It is a resounding success, and Shanti's channel gets many new subscribers. Shanti gives Austin a relaxation tank as a reward for his help.

Meanwhile, Scotty shows up and asks Austin and Olivia for help to prepare photos for his application to a travel club. They use the garden behind the guest house to showcase famous locations including the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, and the Sydney Opera House. They also photograph Scotty sitting in Robbie's balloon car.

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