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There are refrigerators present on some levels. You need to explode power-ups in order to open the refrigerator. Then you can use matches and power powers next to them to collect cans of soda. It is introduced at Level 4316. It covers a 2x2 tile radius. Each refrigerator has 6 cans of soda, and after you collect all cans of soda from the refrigerator, the refrigerator disappears.

Tips on Refrigerators Edit

Boosters Used - Edit

  • Rockets and plane+ rocket combo removes two cans at a time
  • Bombs remove three to four can at a time
  • Paper planes only remove one can in the field
  • Glove booster cannot be used to collect cans
  • Rainbow Balls do not effect Refrigerators but work well with Cans of soda

When pieces are matched- Edit

  • If one piece touches the open refrigerator- You can collect one can
  • If two pieces touch the refrigerator- You can collect two cans==Refrigerator==

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