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Paper Planes GeneratorEdit

The Paper Planes Generator is a regularly occurring, time-limited event in the game.

While the event is on, you can charge the Generator to release Paper Planes onto the field. To charge the Generator, you need to activate power-ups on the field.

Beat levels on your first try to make the Generator even more powerful! The more powerful it is, the more Paper Planes it releases when it's charged.

Be careful: if you lose a level, the Generator will switch off. To switch it back on, you need to beat a level.

Levels Required Boosters
Levels completed on the second or higher try No Paper Plane
1lvl in a row 2 Paper Plane at a time
2lvl in a row 4 Paper Plane at a time
3lvl in a row 6 Paper Plane at a time

Generator TipsEdit

  • Rainbow balls, and Rainbow Ball combos charge the generator faster
  • Completing two levels in a row helps to charge 6 planes at a time
  • Making more combos help charge the generator faster


  • The event is open to all players at Level 31 or higher.
  • The Paper Planes Generator is not available during the Furry Tale event.
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