Olivia is a major character in Homescapes.


Olivia grew up and met William. Together, they got married and had Austin. She at some point also met Stephanie Broom, and the two became rivals for a short time.


When she was younger, Olivia had brown hair in a bun, blue eyes, and a pale skin tone. She had red glasses, a white shirt, and a red dress.

During her elder years, she wears her same outfit, except that she no longer has glasses, her hair is grey, and she no longer has it in a bun.


  • Olivia is a Ralph Ray fan, she watches his show and even participated in a competition.
    • She beat Stephanie Broom by one star in the competition with a house-themed cake.
      • She said this was influenced by Austin's renovating.
    • She was rivals with Stephanie, until Olivia won the competition, they then became better friends.
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