Event IntroductionEdit

In this event, you play, and earn slates (A temporary match 3 piece). Slates are used to buy decorations for the yard. You Get Rewards for completing certain number of decorations.

Important Note: Edit

  • All players who have reached Level 26 can participate in the Event!
  • Slates can be obtained by using Rainbow Blastst as well.
  • The event is only available till 23rd July. Users, who do not complete the event, will receive bonuses, to replace pieces.

Decorations Edit

Movie Magic Decor

Whole Collection!

Note: This event has a Bonus collection as well, which can be available after collecting all the decorations in the Yard

Main Collection Decorations Edit

These are the decorations for the event

Sl.No Decoration Slates Reqd.
1 Camera Mailbox Slate270
2 Projector Lights Slate565
3 Rising Stars Slate355
4 Film Paving Slate630
5 Perfect Take Slate480
6 Movie Reel Bench Slate875
7 Swan Lake Slate1100
8 Big Heist Slate1225
9 Abstract Poster Slate980
10 Director's Chair Slate1045
11 Costumes Department Slate1290
12 Super Butler Slate1440
13 Movie Star Trailer Slate1480
14 Old Europe Set Slate1165
15 Film Prop Slate745
16 Single Take Gate Slate810
17 Butler Signal Slate1560
18 Romantic Boat Ride Slate1680
19 Super Villain Slate1810
20 Makeup Station Slate690
21 Clock Tower Slate1745
22 On Guard Slate1320
23 Petals on the Wind Slate1375
24 Showtime Set Slate935
25 Fountain of Inspiration Slate 1600
30m Unlimited Lives
1 Rainbow Ball
1 Paper Plane b,

1 RocketBomb

2 Paper Plane b,

2 RocketBomb
2 Rainbow Ball

Whole Collection
Globe Fountain

Bonus Collection Edit

Hall- Bonus Collection

Coming Soon!

Sl.No Decoration Slates Reqd.
1 Lavish Roses Slate780
2 Carpet of fame Slate950
3 Golden Butler Slate1165
4 Movie Night Staircase Slate1240
5 Stage of Fame Slate1365
Whole Collection
1h Unlimited Lives
1 Rainbow Ball1 Paper Plane b

2 RocketBomb


Happy Hours Edit

Coming Soon! - Earn double the number of Slates, only for one day.

Cascade Event Edit

Earn Slates through a special Cascade event:

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