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Bad Dreams

Mini Games Introduction

  • Introduced in January 2020, to play after completing a level.
  • Mini Games are a part of the game, where you need to help Austin figure his bad dreams out.
  • You can only access to Mini Levels, only during certain periodic levels. (Every 5 to 10 levels from Level 1 to 100, every 50 levels from Level 100)
  • Only 24 hours are given to finish the Mini-Game.
  • Complete a mini-game to earn 200 coins as a reward.
  • These mini-games are introduced at Level 2. Since v3.8, Mini Games is available for all users to play!


The main Plot's of the Mini Games include:-

  • Help Katherine meet Austin
  • Save or clean a room, by using the resources provided.
  • Save Austin and help him reach the other end.
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