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Event IntroductionEdit

The Medal Race is a regularly occurring, time-limited competition.


The event consists of the following stages:

  • Earn one medal to get a reward and unlock the competition itself.
  • Earn medals, aiming for higher-value ones, to collect more points and climb to the top of the leaderboard. The players that finish in the top 10 get special prizes, while everybody else gets participation rewards.
  • Earn 2 to 10 gold medals to get special prizes.



There are four types of medals

1. Completing levels on the first try give you gold medals- 100 Points
2. Completing levels on the second try give you silver medals- 70 Points
3. Completing levels on the third try give you bronze medals- 50 Points
4. Completing levels on fourth and above try give you regular medals- 30 Points

Gold rush GoalsEdit

Earn Gold Medals to earn these special rewards

Gold Medals


2 Gold Medal 1h Unlimited Lives
5 Gold Medal 2h Unlimited Lives
10 Gold Medal 3h Unlimited Lives,

2 RocketBomb, 2 Rainbow Ball,

2 Paper Plane b,

1 Hammer

and 1 Glove


  •  The Medal Race is open to all players at Level 26 or higher who have completed the Open the Package task.
  • A stable internet connection is required to access the leaderboard.
  •  The event doesn't feature special levels—just keep playing from the level you were at in the game.


The amount of rewards you receive are based on your league.


Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4 Reward 5 Reward 6
Personal Goal 30m Unlimited Lives 1 Rainbow Ball
1 2 to 6h Unlimited Lives 1 to 4 Rainbow Ball 1 to 4 RocketBomb 1 to 3 Paper Plane b 1 to 2 Hammer 1 to 2 Glove
2 1 to 4h Unlimited Lives 1 to 3 Rainbow Ball 1 to 3 RocketBomb 1 to 2 Paper Plane b 1 Glove
3 30m to 2h Unlimited Lives 1 to 2 Rainbow Ball 1 to 2 RocketBomb(or)

1 to 2 Paper Plane b

1 Glove
4 to 10 1 Rainbow Ball 1 Paper Plane b 1 RocketBomb
Remaining Participants 1 Rainbow Ball
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