The Mansion is the childhood home of Austin and the house of William and Olivia. It is the house Austin starts restoring in the beginning. At Present Austin is restoring a lake cabin which he rented after he restored the whole mansion...


Homescapes-Introduction to Homescapes

Homescapes-Introduction to Homescapes

The Story Starts with Austin the Butler entering his Family Mansion which is in ruins. Austin's parents, William (father) and Olivia (Mother) decide to sell the house. But Austin remembers all the good times that he spent in the Mansion with his family. So he decides to stop his family from Selling the house and restore the ruined mansion back to it's former glory. During this time he meets new friends and reconnects with old ones too!

Family Mansion Rooms

Mansion Area


In Total there are 11 Rooms in the Mansion. Each having a plot story line of its own..


These are the rooms restored by Austin in his family mansion



Lake House Rooms

Lake House

Lake House

After restoring the entire house, Austin plans to buy a Cabin opposite to the Lake. Here are thje rooms available to restore there:

Trivia of the Mansion

  • Austin's Mansion is 300 Years old, as William's Grandfather lived in the same Mansion for years till his death
  • The Mansion is the largest mansion in town. You cannot view the outer view, though when you start the game, you see it covered in dirt.
  • The house is blue in colour

Austin's Neighbors

These are the people living next- door.



The areas that Austin Restores in the Mansion
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