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The Family Mansion is Austin's childhood home, the house of William and Olivia, and the 1st house available for renovation in Homescapes.
Currently, Austin has already restored the abandoned Lake Cabin and moved on to his family's Mountain Estate while also helping his uncle Mycroft Barrow find their relatives to give them part of it!



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The story starts with Austin the Butler feeling homesick and wishing to return to his ancestral mansion. He takes the plane but is shocked by the house's quality. William (father) and Olivia (mother) were planning to sell it, but Austin reminisces all the happy moments in the mansion. Consequently, he decides to take the initiative and restore the ruined manor to its former glory while he meets new friends and reconnects with old ones too!

Rooms & Areas

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The Family Mansion has 11 locations which—in total—takes 57 "game days" and, as of today, 2374 starsStars.png, meaning you have to complete 2374 Levels or earn more stars through Cascade Events and Mini Games. Each location's story varies.


The computer is restored on Day 5 of the Kitchen.

Total stars: 7Stars.png
Number of Days 1
  • Austin Barrow revisits his childhood mansion but is shocked to see its disrepair.
  • He decides to renovate his room as a place for his belongings.
  • He reconnects with Katherine Broom, who gives Olivia some spices, and meets courier Lisa, who returns him his parrot, Captain Flint, which he left on the plane.

Total stars: 72Stars.png
Number of Days 5 (1 for the Bedroom, 4 for the Hall)
  • Learning the ancestral residence was on the verge of being sold, Austin decides to restore the Hall, which is a wreck, especially the floor William shatters, thinking it'd still be sturdy.
  • Austin fixes the TV and stairs, and he sets up a dressing area for Olivia.
  • On the 4th day, Katherine returns, and the butler adopts a cute but naughty and homeless Cat she found.
  • Austin's parents soon realized the home's value and decided not to sell it.

Total stars: 150Stars.png
Number of Days 6
  • Olivia's long passion was to participate in Ralph Ray's show, but Katherine's mother, Stephanie Broom, discourages her, and they both compete against each other as a result.
  • Meanwhile, Austin takes the initiative to restore the kitchen and accepts help from his friends.
  • Olivia and Stephanie finish touching up their desserts. Olivia wins the contest, Mrs. Broom congratulates her, and they become friends again.

Number of Days 6
  • Austin plans to restore the garden for his parent's anniversary. He meets Jeb, who assists with the orangery's repairs.
  • The butler decides to participate in a Gardening Event that came up on the radio and finds the seeds of a rare flower—Middlemist Red—in his garden.
  • One night, a "ghost"—really Scotty's dog, Toby—invades his garden. Scotty tells him a friend dared him to visit Mr. Barrow's "haunted" garden.
  • Olivia and William had a wonderful anniversary! Finally, Austin wins the competition, and his Middlemist Red becomes the highlight!
Living Room
Living Room Restored.png

Number of Days 6
  • Ellen Watermain is preparing a newspaper report on Austin's great grandfather Charles Barrow. Austin opens the old Living Room upstairs.
  • With the help of Andy Tanner, he restores their portraits. Austin discovers a safe of artifacts and photos. They fix the chimney to stoke a fire; the stairs leading to the Relaxation Room they refurnish later; and other details.
  • The story ends with the success of Ellen's published article.

Number of Days 6
  • Austin receives a notices about the upcoming car parade and decides to open and refurnish the Garage. He finds photos of William, Raul Gonzales, and William's old Porsche, ruined in an accident. He asks Raul via call if he could help restore the car.
  • He plans a garden sale by recovering the fruit trees for jam, and Olivia shares it.
  • William drives the unknowingly unfinished car and nearly destroys it. Raul motivates and assists him. The story ends with William winning the race!
Party Room
Party Room.png

Number of Days 6
  • Austin and William plan to celebrate Olivia's birthday by restoring the Party Room. They secretly find and read her wishes, one being to sing at an orchestra, which Austin, Jeb, and William rehearse.
  • On her birthday, Mrs. Broom and Austin set up the terrace. William enters as Prince Charming on Claire's dragonfly, shocking Olivia. He reveals that she named a star after herself.
  • Katherine, Ellen, Ralph Ray, and Andy bestow their gifts, and Austin sets a pyrotechnics (fireworks) display. Austin, William, Jeb, and Olivia rock the stage, and the plot ends with Olivia's dreams becoming a reality.

Number of Days 6
  • Austin plans to renew the Elite Bookworm Club, which held meetings in the Mansion's old Library.
  • His cousin, Patrick O'Leary, stays to study. He beholds a secret room and plans to convert it to a Cinema.
  • On Day 5, Lisa delivers a letter to him about the club's conclusion. Austin distracts William so he wouldn't find out. But the day after, they receive another letter saying recreation was possible, so Austin reveals the truth.
  • The plot ends with William's speech and position as the club's president.
Guest Wing
Guest Wing.png

Number of Days 6
  • Austin learns childhood friend Robbie is coming to visit, so he prepares a Guest Wing for visitors.
  • Robbie brings his boat, later obliterated in a storm, for the woodworking competition. With the help of Katherine and Andy, they restructure a new one.
  • Robbie makes burgers for everyone, and Austin prepares kendo for him. They find a Gametendo console and play a childhood video game, Rosario Cousins.
  • The plot ends with Austin, Katherine, and Robbie winning the woodworking festival!
Relaxation Room
Relaxation Room.png

Number of Days 6
  • Austin is disturbed by a nightmare as if all the work was for nothing. He decides to open a new room. Austin's condition causes Katherine to contact her manual therapist, Shanti.
  • Shanti gives him a massage, then helps him turn the new room into a Relaxation Room. Austin's physical injury recovers quickly, thanks to her.
  • Scotty comes to inquire about preparing photos for his travel club application. They use the garden behind the Wing to showcase renowned locations.
  • Austin helps Shanti spread her sage advice to a larger audience. He requests to feature Shanti on Ralph's cooking show. It becomes a huge success, and Shanti's channel gets many subscribers!

Number of Days 4
  • Austin believes he has no more work, but his parents remind him about the old Boathouse at the back. They repair the boat, restore the building, plant a garden, and outfit the area.
  • Meanwhile, his parents prepare a Family Album, sharing every memory they had restoring the Mansion.
  • Eventually, they sail out, but William falls sick from a downed anchor. Austin tries again, and he and Katherine eventually go yachting together.
  • On his trip, he beholds a Lake Cabin on sale for an irresistible discount. The plot ends with Austin leasing it and preparing to relocate there.


  • The Mansion is 300 years old, as Charles Barrow lived in it until his death.
  • The Mansion is the largest house in town (see below). You can only see the outer view during the first cutscene and before Austin enters the residence. Its facade is teal, and its roof is light yellow-brown.
  • There were originally more rooms in the Mansion such as a pool, nursery (later converted to a colcluded event), ballroom, and laboratory that was later reused in the Dock House (Lake Cabin).
  • There are a few references and allusions included throughout.
    • In the Kitchen, Olivia's cake is a model of the whole Mansion, the only difference being the Forsche is cyan.
    • In the Living Room, Olivia alludes about the riddle of the fireplace. This suggests that Charles might have used the riddle to hide his plethora for William.
    • In the Garage, Forsche is a reference to Porsche, a German automobile manufacturer.
    • In the Party Room, Heatles is a reference to The Beatles.
    • In the Guest Wing, Gametendo is a pun of Nintendo, and Rosario Cousins refers to Super Mario Bros. Austin also says "mutant rats" to replace Bowser. This is likely to preclude a Nintendo copyright strike or similar action.

Theory: the other replaced areas may be reused in other locations besides the Family Mansion and Lake House.