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The Main Hall is a main location in Homescapes, and the second room that Austin renovates in the mansion.

Plot Edit

Austin wants to stop the house from being sold. So he decides to restore the heart of the house- the hall. But the hall is in a total mess, and moreover William increase the trouble, by breaking the Floor 

He fixes the TV, whose antenna was with birds, stairs where he accidentally poured hot coffee, and the dressing area. After a long time, he meets his childhood friend Katherine and adopts a cute and naughty cat that was in need of a home.  

Austin's parents realized the value of the house and decided not to sell it. Austin succeeds in his final move to stop the house from being sold! The plot ends with the grand inauguration of the Mansion's stairs, with wonder to what all adventures await him and his family in the future days!  

Tasks Edit

These are the tasks for restoring the Main Hall

Day 2Edit

Sl.No Task Stars Required Home XP
1 Clean the Hall 1Stars 10xp
2 Install a Bookcase 1Stars 10xp
3 Hang the Wallpaper 1Stars 1Stars 10xp 10xp
4 Lay an Armchair Rug 1Stars 10xp
5 Fix the Floor 1Stars 1Stars 10xp 10xp
6 Install Wall Lights 1Stars 10xp
7 Get a Globe 1Stars 10xp
8 Give Dad a present 1Stars 10xp
30m Unlimited Lives
1 Bomb
10Stars 100xp

Day 3Edit


Sl.No Task Stars Required Home XP
1 Install lounge furniture 1Stars 1Stars 7xp 7xp
2 Install a Cupboard 1Stars 7xp
3 Lay a Rug 1Stars 7xp
4 Replace the tea table 1Stars 7xp
5 Open the package 1Stars 7xp
6 Fix the stairs 2Stars 15xp
7 Lacquer the steps 1Stars 7xp
8 Deliver a new TV 1Stars 7xp
9 Unpack the TV 2Stars 14xp
10 Make a scarecrow 1Stars 7xp
11 Scare the crows off the roof 1Stars 8xp
30m Unlimited Lives
1 Bomb
14Stars 100xp
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