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The Living Room is a central point of the Mansion and the fifth room Austin restores in Homescapes. It is based around his great grandfather, Charles Barrow.

Living Room.png


Reporter Ellen Watermain, knowing about Charles Barrow, William's grandfather and a famous pilot, enters to publish her new article. Austin recalls Charles's artifacts lost in the dark, old Living Room, hence why he chose to begin renovations there.

He begins renovation, unraveling his great-grandfather's backstory. He restores his sand Matilda's (Great-Grandmother) portraits old artifacts and medieval items, and he brings warmth to his childhood fireplace. But on Day 6, Olivia alludes about the secret of the fireplace, and Austin reveals Charles's collection! They then sort the plethora and fix up the hearthside.

Secret stashes come to be found, and missing statues come to be seen, before at long last, the adventures in the Living Room end with the publishing of Charles Barrow article and the success of his story in the neighborhood.


These are the tasks for restoring the Living Room.

Day 1

Total stars: 30Stars.png

Tasks Stars
Unlock New Area.png Open a new area 2Stars.png
Find the oil lamps 2Stars.png
Light the fire 1Stars.png
Fix the lighting 2Stars.png
Sort through the old books 2Stars.png
Dust 2Stars.png
Call Ellen 1Stars.png
REWARD:Reward Box Yellow-Blue.png| x1 Double Plane.png
Remove the furniture covers 2Stars.png
Pick everything up 2Stars.png
Throw away the old furniture 2Stars.png
Clean the saxophone 2Stars.png
Fix the floor (1/2) 2Stars.png
REWARD:Reward Box Yellow-Blue.png| x1 Rainbow Ball.png
Fix the floor (2/2) 2Stars.png
Clean the fireplace 2Stars.png
Light the fire 2Stars.png
Give an interview to the magezine 2Stars.png
REWARDS:Reward Box Green-Orange.png| 30m Unlimited Lives.png · x1 RocketBomb.png

Day 2

Total stars: 30Stars.png

Tasks Stars
Start New Day.png Start a new day 2Stars.png
Call Ellen 1Stars.png
Clean the portrait of great-grandpa 1Stars.png
Fix the walls 2Stars.png
Call Andy 1Stars.png
Paper the walls 3Stars.png 3Stars.png
Restore great-grandpa's portrait 2Stars.png
REWARD:Reward Box Yellow-Blue.png| x1 Rainbow Ball.png
Border the walls 2Stars.png
Restore great-grandma's portrait 1Stars.png
Find old pictures 2Stars.png
Order frames 2Stars.png
Sort out the junk 2Stars.png
Hang the propeller 2Stars.png
Install a helmet display 2Stars.png
REWARD:Reward Box Yellow-Blue.png| x1 RocketBomb.png
Remove to old carpets 2Stars.png
Place a table 3Stars.png
Restore the armchairs 2Stars.png 2Stars.png
Lay the carpet by the fireplace 2Stars.png
REWARDS:Reward Box Green-Orange.png| 30m Unlimited Lives.png · x1 Double Plane.png

Day 3

Sl.No Task Stars Reqd. Home Xp.
1 Lay a carpet 3Stars.png 6xp
2 Place a new couch 3Stars.png 7xp
3 Place a table by the couch 2Stars.png 5xp
4 Place poufs by the couch 2Stars.png 2Stars.png 5xp 4xp
5 Remove the old curtains 2Stars.png 4xp
6 Hide the armor 2Stars.png 6xp
7 Place floor lamps 2Stars.png 5xp
8 Polish the armor 2Stars.png 4xp
9 Trim the tree branches 2Stars.png 5xp
10 Call Katherine 1Stars.png 5xp
11 Cue the tree 3Stars.png 5xp
12 Fertilize the tree 3Stars.png 6xp
13 Mow the lawn 2Stars.png 5xp
14 Build a lath Fence 2Stars.png 5xp
15 Install Lights 3Stars.png 8xp
16 Install the bookcase 2Stars.png 2Stars.png 6xp 5xp
17 Put the books on the shelves 2Stars.png 2Stars.png 5xp 5xp
18 Install a ladder 2Stars.png 5xp
30m Unlimited Lives.png
1 Rainbow Ball.png
46Stars.png 100xp