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Lives Playrix.png

Lives are the attempts you have to beat Homescapes Levels. You can have up to five lives unless you have the Golden Ticket available in every Season of Wonders, which allots up to eight, and you lose one every time you lose a level. It takes 30 minutes to refill a life. Your lives also refill entirely at the start of a new in-game day.

You can see your Lives and how much time you have until one is refilled in the top left corner of the Mansion screen. You can also use 900 Coins.png to refill lives or request them from your friends/teammates. You can ask for them every 2 hours.

IMPORTANT: If a friend/teammate sends you a bonus life when you already have the max, you won't be able to use it until you lose one of your current lives.

Unlimited Lives

Unlimited Lives.png

Unlimited Lives are a special in-game reward you receive for completing tasks and Events. It allows you to play match-3 Levels indefinitely within a range of 30 minutes-6 hours.


  • Before beginning a new in-game day, use all your lives until you have none, then execute "Start a new day" or whatever the last task is, as you get 30-60 min Unlimited Lives after the cutscene, and your lives are replenished as usual.