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Library and Secret room is the Eighth Room which Austin restores in his Mansion. The room is restored to renew the old famous Elite BookWorm club.. Austin's cousin also stays in the house to study for his exams


Austin reads a note about the renewal of an old bookclub which was before known as the Elite Bookworm Club, whose previous meetings were held in the Mansion's dusty old library. The first meeting was supposed to be there. So he decides to restore the library for the meeting. William, who was a member of the Elite Book worm club, started preparing a speech and was very enthusiastic. Enters Patrick, Austin's cousin who stays in the mansion to study for his exams. While Austin was busy cleaning the book shelves, he finds a secret room whose door was next to one of the shelves. Austin plans to make it a Cinema room and starts restoring it.

The next day William is all set for his grand speech, but Austin realizes that Elite BookWorm club ceased to exist! The last living member of the club was the writer himself. Austin hides the sad news from William and plans to invite Katherine and Ms. Broom to deviate William, and watch a film in their Cinema Room. .But the next day, a mail received by Austin states that the club could be re-created and that the package contained a gavel, coat and other accessories.

William happily gets ready for the meeting and Austin reveals the truth. William feels sad, but Austin reveals that he is the new president of the new Elite BookWorm Club. The area gets restored and the plot ends with William's speech and his position as president of the Elite BookWorm Club.


  • Lisa, the courier and Patrick have a small crush on each other..
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