Levels are the main objective of the game. To beat a level you must solve a puzzle to earn a star which you will use for completing task in the mansion.

At present there are 4830 levels (As of 10th September) . Weekly 35-40 levels are added in the game every Thursday 7:00am (+0 GMT). For players who have finished playing all the set of levels, get to play an event called Tournament of Champions

Level 2000

Level 2000

To complete Edit

Each level requires you to get a certain amount of blocks, obstacles, or power-ups. Each level has a certain amount of moves. If you run out of moves, you lose a life and have to reattempt the level.

In every 10- 180 levels a new elements are introduced.

Upon Completion Edit

When completed, a level will reward stars, which are needed to complete tasks in the Mansion.

Level Updating PolicyEdit

Please Note: If a level has been updated or revised in a recent update, please contact an administrator with a screenshot of the new level in order to update it.

Ranking Edit

Super Hard Levels

Super Hard Level

  • Earn twice the number of stars in the Shooting Stars Event
Type Number of Coins Number of Stars Shooting Stars Event Curtain
Normal Coins 50 Stars1 Stars2 Red
Hard Coins100 Stars1 Stars2 Purple
Super Hard Coins150 Stars1 Stars2 Dark Red

Levels Edit

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