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Uncle Lao is a main character in Homescapes and Austin's first known uncle. He owns an antique shop and is keen on trading antiques with Austin and William, not to mention that he also enjoys playing chess with William.

He frequently comes over to do business with the Barrows, since they frequently have things they want to get rid of during renovation. He also periodically brings gifts.


  • His name is derived from the Chinese word Lao, meaning old.
  • When Uncle Lao was young, he went abroad, explaining his passion for collecting antiques.
  • Uncle Lao wants to own a statue from the Hall in Olivia and William's Mansion more than any other antique (the right one).
  • One glance at an object is enough for Uncle Lao to tell its value and age. A second glance gives him a clever trade-off strategy.
  • Uncle Lao strongly believes in the idea of receiving by giving. This is why he prefers exchanging over selling—it maintains the natural energy flow in life.
  • Lao's second biggest passion is tea, which he can speak about for hours! Every Friday, he hosts a traditional tea ceremony in his shop.
  • Uncle Lao knows a lot about history, as he loves reading history books in his shop. This knowledge helps him discriminate an Ancient Roman vase from an Ancient Greek one.
  • Lao's shop seems a bit messy, but he knows exactly where everything is. He even remembers when he put it there.
  • Uncle Lao isn't particularly fond of the latest gadgets. He'll never give up the sound of a phonograph for a modern stereo system, however advanced it might be.