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Ivy[edit | edit source]

Introduced at Level 4646, Ivy is a newly introduced obstacle. You need to make matches or explode power-ups next to one piece covered in its tendrils (Branch) , to remove its whole chain.. Ivy is a tricky element, as they cannot be removed from the field, and keep on covering pieces with its tendrils, with each move you make that does not remove any of the pieces covered in the tendrils.

Tips on Ivy[edit | edit source]

  • Ivy is a different. Making matches or activating power ups next to just one of its tendrils will remove the whole chain
  •  The best and most effective way to remove the tendrils, is by making matches, or using boosters like the Rainbow Ball
  • In levels where Ivy is not affecting the level goal, avoid wasting moves on them.
  • No In- game or Pre- game booster affects the Ivy creeper, but affects the pieces covered in tendrils.  
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