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Ice is a major element in the game homescapes. This element covers pieces, power ups and cookies in maximum two layers of ice.To remove pieces covered in ice, make match es with pieces of the same colour ( Its only applicable for Lamps, teapots, cups, ribbons, buttons and books). In case of cookies, donuts and power ups are covered in ice, only power ups fan help

Tips on IceEdit

  • The best way to remove ice is creating more rockets and bombs
  •  Ice pieces cannot be moved using glove booster
  • If ice pieces are covered in chains, avoid making matches. Creating power ups would work

Ice BombEdit

Ice bomb

In some levels ice bombs are present. Ice bombs show the number of moves before it explodes. After it explodes, it covers 18 nearby tiles in ice. To prevent this,make matches with pieces of the same colour. The ice bomb destroys after that

Tutorial Edit

Homescapes- Ice

Homescapes- Ice

How to handle Ice?

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