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Homescapes is a mobile match-3 game developed and released by Playrix. The game is about Austin the Butler returning home to his parent's mansion, which has fallen into severe disrepair. From there, he decides to renovate it! With the players help, they decide how the home can look.

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Latest Update

Dec Update

Here comes a tantalizing Homescapes update!

Here comes a holiday Homescapes update!

• Decorate the yard for holiday season with Steven and Lucy, kids from the neighborhood! Starting at the end of December!

• Collect all the decorations to get a decorated tree and a new profile picture as a reward!

• A special offer! Don't miss special holiday offers and unlock a secret picture with the game characters.


• The tantalizing story in the Bakery continues: Help Austin and his family prepare for the cooking show.


• New element: Vacuum. Charge the Vacuum by making combinations with colors that match the Vacuum, and it will remove all the pieces in its way!

• The Shooting Stars offer: don't miss your chance to win twice as many stars for beating levels



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