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Introduction Edit

The Garden is a Special location in Homescapes and the 4th area that Austin renovates in his Home.

Plot Edit

The garden mainly plots about the Love story of Olivia and William before the Garden ruined. Ralph Ray gifts Olivia a bouquet full of flowers and they decorate their house with it.

Austin plans to restore the garden for their anniversary. He meets Jeb, one of the main characters in the game, the son of Stan, who is a carpenter. He decides to participate in the Gardening Event, and starts to grow the rare Flower- Middle Mest Red, whose seeds were hidden in the orangery! Unexpectedly those turn out to Venus Fly Traps!

One night a ghost invades his garden, and unexpectedly it turns out to be Scotty, a schoolchild and his pet dog Toby, who tell him that it was a dare to go to his garden at night as it was haunted (full of old trees, and not so beautiful). Finally, he and Katherine find the original seeds in his garden. He themes the garden on Hawaiian, Tropical Desert, and Indian varieties. The blooms out a wonderful treehouse in his orangery. Olivia and William have a wonderful anniversary! Olivia asks Austin if he likes Katherine. He immediately blushes and says that they are only friends. The contest day comes! And the plot ends with Austin winning the Competition, and his Middle Mest red becoming the highlight of the show.

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