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Garage Edit

Garage is the sixth room / area that Austin renovates in his house. He restores the area, and pleases his father to participate in a car race. 


Austin's father gets a notice to participate in the car parade, happening soon. Austin remembers that the car is kept in the Garage for many years. The Forshe that William rode in his youth is ruined after an accident that happened years ago. He decides to restore the garage, and starts sorting the junk. He sees a magazine which shows two the image of two professional racers- William and Raul.

He finds the old friend of William, Raul, and tells him whatever happened. Raul helps restores his Dream car, and makes William get ready for the parade.

Meanwhile Austin is getting ready for a garage sale. He and Katherine together replenish Olivia's old fruit trees. Olivia's tasty jam becomes the highlight of the Sale. He meets Andy and Modernizes the Garage. The Garage gets ready for the show.

But on the day before the event, the Troublemaker William decides to drive the unfinished car but nearly destroys it . He loses all hope. Raul helps William and motivates him. Austin gets busy on restoring some outer areas. Finally the day comes. And William wins the race

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