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Furry Tale Introduction Edit

Furry Tales is a temporary Event that features a special chain of Eight Levels that you need to beat. You get rewards when you beat the First 3 Levels, Next 3 Levels and Finally all the 8 levels.

Event Guide Edit

Your Cat needs to bring three flowers to the kitty that he has fallen in love with. If you lose a level you lose a flower. If you lose three times, you lose all three flowers and will have to wait for 2 hours or continue by paying 500 Coins. But you will have to play all over again from Level 1....

Requirements Edit

To participate in the event

  • You must complete the Task "Greet the Guest", which happens on the 3rd day of restoring the Main Hall
  • You must complete Level 40 in the Game

Rewards Edit

These are the Rewards for the event

Sl.No Rewards Levels Reqd.
1 2 RocketBomb

2 Rainbow Ball

2 Paper Plane b

Level 3
2 2 RocketBomb

2 Rainbow Ball

2Paper Plane b

1 Glove

1 Hammer

Level 6
3 6h Unlimited Lives

2 RocketBomb

2 Rainbow Ball

2 Paper Plane b

2 Glove

2 Hammer

2 Slege

Level 8

Trivia Edit

  • Levels of Furry Tales event are usually very tricky.
  • You can encounter an element or obstacle that appers in high levels only, such as Gramophone or Ice Bomb.
  • You won’t get stars or tickets for completing these levels but failing a level of Furry Tale event doesn’t decrease lives.
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