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Flint's Adventures EventEdit

The flint's adventures is a regular event in Homescapes, where boosters are rewarded for completing every level from Level 30.

Plot Edit

  • Captain Flint, Austin's parrot uses magic to jump from jar to jar.
  • Complete levels to get boosters in the beginning of the next level.
  • As you complete the next few levels on your first try the number of boosters that you get increases.
  • If a level could not be completed on your first try, you lose a booster (jar)

Booster Rewards Edit

Flints Adventures


These are the boosters rewarded by Captain Flint in the event.

Levels Required

(In a row)

Boosters Total. No of


1 1 Rainbow Ball 1
+1 1 Rainbow Ball
1 Paper Plane
+2 1 Rainbow Ball
1 Paper Plane
1 Bomb
+2 1 Rainbow Ball
1 Paper Plane
1 Bomb
1 Rocket
+3 2 Rainbow Ball
1 Paper Plane
1 Bomb
1 Rocket
9 and more
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