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Elements[edit | edit source]

This is a list of all the Elements in v4.4.

No. Name Appearance First Appearance How to Collect/Remove
1 Carpet
Level 6 How_to_Lay_Carpet
2 Chains
8 To remove Chains,

make a match with the chained piece or activate power-ups nearby.

3 Cherries and Jelly

Jelly Layers with Cherry

12 It may take up to 6 times to collect Cherries or remove the Jelly.
4 Donuts
18 Collect Donuts by matching underneath them.

In Gravitation levels, look for the arrows to know where to drop the Donuts.

5 Boxes

Layers of Boxes

22 Just match or activate power-ups to remove them.
6 Gravitation

Gravitation (Moving east)

25 Homescapes_Gravitation
7 Cookies

Cookie layers

31 Match or (except for the Rainbow Ball) use power-ups

to remove a Cookie layer or the Cookie itself. These are Rockets’ weaknesses.

8 Portals

Portal System

41 Portals are used to transport mobile (moveable)

Elements to a different area of the field.

9 Apples

A full Platter of Apples

51 Collect Apples by matching or exploding.
10 Wall
71 Simple walls separate pieces so that they cannot

be moved in that direction; however, they don’t avert (prevent) you from matching and can even be destroyed!

(See Wall down below)

11 Suds

Normal Suds

91 You must clear at least 1 Sud tile with every move,

otherwise it will spread, hence making the level more difficult.

12 Generator

Cookie and Power-Ups Generator

111 Generators produce the element on their label.

These are often power-ups, but can also be Cookies, Donuts, etc; you just need to free up the space below so they can do so.

13 Ice

Ice (Both Layers)

131 Ice freezes pieces so you can’t move them.

Making matches melts ice, but if such elements become frozen, only power-ups will help.

14 Oil

Oil (Empty)

161 Like Suds, Oil is a Spreading Element. This time,

you have to match on it, not next to it to remove it. You can still activate power-ups nearby, though.

15 Surprise Box

Surprise Box Layers

191 Surprise Boxes contain a random power-up or obstacle.
16 Statues

Statue Layers

221 You can only affect these w/ power-ups or combos.
17 Donut Maker

The old Donut Maker

251 (originally 601) First place the Dough, heat it, frost it, then add Sprinkles

by matching or exploding.

The Maker will remove itself from the board once it has produced all the donuts it can.

18 Soap Foamer
Soap foamer.png
301 Produces Suds. Cannot be destroyed.
19 Walnut

Walnut Layers

351 This has the properties of Cookies and Statues.

Rockets can pass through these.

20 Window Blinds

Window Blinds in a row

401 (originally 781) Window Blinds cover part of a column.

Anything could be done about them, but Rockets can roll up multiple Blinds at once.

21 Rich Suds

Rich Suds (Both Layers)

476 (originally 691) Suds 2.0. They also form bubbles, giving them an extra layer.

They won’t spread if you remove this protective layer.

22 Gramophone

Gramophone and pieces with Notes

576 (originally 1906) Gramophone is a special Element that produces Notes.

When you activate it (match or explode x3), it adds Notes. Pieces with Notes change with every move.

23 Cobwebs

Cobweb Layers

676 (originally 2006) These are like Simple Walls, but watch out! Cobwebs won’t let you move the piece at all. To remove them, activate power-ups.
24 Puzzles

Packets near an incomplete Puzzle

776 (originally 2156) You need to open Packets to collect Puzzle Pieces.

Once all the pieces are in their corresponding places, the puzzle vanishes, uncovering what it hides.

25 Carpet Rolls

Carpet Roll (Two Layers)

856 Same case as with the Donut Maker.

Unleash the Carpet by unrolling Carpet Rolls.

26 Ice Bomb

Ice Bombs of different colors

956 “But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pay even closer attention to ice bombs!” - Austin

Ice Bombs have timers before exploding and hence, freezing the surrounding tiles. Make matches with them or use power-ups.

27 Ribbons with Bows

Ribbon Layers

1206 Ribbons are blocking part of the field on some levels.

Make matches or activate power-ups next to it to untie the Bows.

Untie one Bow and you remove a whole Ribbon.

28 Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and Broken Tiles

1281 First use boosters to break the ceramic coating.

Then you can match on the fractured tile to clear up the remains.

NOTE: In case a Carpet Level has Tiles, remove the Tiles first. Then you can spread the Carpet.

29 Alarm Clock

Alarm Clocks of different colors

1356 These are like Ice Bombs but even worse. Once the Alarm Clocks’ timer reaches 0,

you lose the level. Destroy them before then.

30 Ring

A closed Ring Box, a Ring, and an empty Ring Box

1606 Open the Ring Box first to reveal

either a Ring or nothing.

Then collect the Ring and/or remove the empty Ring Box.

31 Plasma Globe

Plasma Globe at different stages

1706 Immovable Rainbow Ball. Match thrice (or you can always use power-ups) to unleash the power.
32 Oil Pitcher

Oil Pitcher

1806 Like the Donut Maker and Carpet Roll, Oil Pitchers

must be opened to spread oil to a max of 9 tiles.

33 Cat Treats

The many layers of Cat Treats

1906 Cat Treats come in many layers, each smaller than the previous.

Open the packets by making matches or activating power-ups nearby. Each time a layer is removed, the Cat Treats move to a different area on the field. 

34 Walls

Carpet Level with Walls

2006 Indestructible Wall.
35 Toaster
2156 Toaster is a special element that produces Toast.

Every time you match or use power-ups, you collect 2 Toast.

36 Cookie Stack

Cookie Stack Layers

2306 The cookies it holds are single-layered, as shown on the left.

Oddly enough, Rockets can’t pass through these either.

37 Soap

Soap (One Layer)

2456 Removes and replaces obstacles with suds.
38 Containers of Corn

A full Container

2606 You must make 6 consecutive matches to collect

all the corn if you want to do it in one go. If they aren’t consecutive, the lid rolls up one.

39 Ball of Yarn

Ball of Yarn and Basket

2756 Make matches or activate power-ups to roll the Ball

into the Basket where it belongs. If a Ball reaches an obstacle, it will destroy it and keep moving.

40 Phone

Inactive Phones

2906 While the Phones are ringing, make matches or

activate power-ups to collect or remove it. Every 2 moves, new Phones start ringing.

41 Flower Pots

Flower Pots at different stages

3056 Sprout the Flowers. When they have all

sprouted, they will disappear.

42 Magic Hats

Magic Hat (10 Lamps)

3236 Collect the specified number of pieces marked on the Magic Hat to unleash a Double Rainbow Ball combo.
43 Water Buckets

Water and Bucket

3416 First wipe away all the Water near it.

Once that’s dealt with, you can collect the Bucket.

44 Color Pencils

A full Pencil Holder

3596 In the example, Buttons and Teapots cannot

affect the Pencil Holder. Pencil Holders only hold 4 Pencils. You can also use power-ups.

45 Vacuum

Green Vacuum (Looks like a Roomba)

3776 Like the Ball of Yarn, but you have to match a certain amount of pieces to move it to the next station.

Once it reaches the last station, it disappears!

(Cannot be used in a match)

46 Cat Houses

Cat House Layers

3956 Remove the Cat Houses to collect cute kittens!
47 Jam Jars

Jam Jars of different varieties including an empty one

4136 Fill the Jars by matching next to them, then collect them either way. Cannot be used in a match.

For instance, we match 3 Books next to a Jar, it’ll then fill with Blue Jam. We can only match with Books next to it again or use power-ups.

48 Refrigerators

An open, full Refrigerator

4316 Explode power-ups to open the refrigerator, then collect the cans.
49 Compasses

Compasses with 1 and 2 Layers

4496 To collect compasses, make matches next to the glowing side or activate power-ups. The glowing side rotates clockwise with each move.
50 Ivy

Ivy with Tendrils

4646 Make matches or activate power-ups to free the pieces from its tendrils and keep them from spreading.
51 Steam 4796 You cannot access anything under Steam until it is removed.

Steam can have 2 layers but doesn’t spread.

52 Brooches 4936 Take out the Crystals first, clean them, and place them back on the Brooch by matching and exploding.
53 Light Bulbs 5076 Make matches of the same color near the shelf or activate power-ups to collect light bulbs.

Each time a bulb is removed, another will light up. The shelf will disappear once all light bulbs have been removed.

54 Bear-in-a-Box 5316 Like the Container, but only 3 consecutive matches are needed.
55 Cooking Pots 5576 You can deactivate this Element by matching next to it or activating Boosters nearby. It takes 3 hits.

Then collect it by repeating the same process once. It produces Steam while active.

56 Suitcase and Hats 5876 Explode 2 power-ups to open the suitcase and release the hats, then make matches with hats to collect them.
57 Blanket 6176 (formerly) Blankets cover part of the field. To remove them,

you must remove all the stitches holding it in place.

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