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These are the main 52 up-to date list of elements (v3.9.0)

Sl. No Name Image Level Explaination
1 Carpet
6 It needs to be spread into every tile in the game field. To spread carpet make matches with atleast 1 piece thats on carpet or activate power ups on carpet.
2 Chains
9 To get rid of chains, make matches or activate power ups, next to pieces covered in chains. 
3 Cherries
12 Make matches or activate power ups next to pieces covered in jelly to collect cherries. 
4 Donuts
18 To collect donuts, bring them to the bottom of the game-field by removing obstables, making matches and powerups. 
5 Boxes
22 To remove boxes, make matches, activate power ups and boosters.
6 Gravitation
25 It changes the usual top-to-bottom movement of the pieces in the field: they start moving in different directions- up, left, etc. The flickering effect shows which direction the pieces will move in.
7 Cookies
31 Match pieces or activate power ups except rainbow balls to remove cookies.
8 Portals
41 Portals connect separate parts of the field. Once pieces or other elements enter a portal, they immediately relocate to a different part of the field.
9 Apples
51 There are platters full of apples on some levels. and you need to make matches or explode power-ups next to them to collect apples.
10 Wall
71 You can't swap pieces separated by simple walls, but they don't stand in the way of making matches or exploding power-ups.
11 Suds
91 Suds spread further and block one tile after another with each move you make that does not remove any of the suds in the field.
12 Generator
111 The Generator produces pieces and other game elements (cookies, donuts, power-ups and combos etc.). You can activate it by freeing up space under it, which you do by matching pieces, detonating power-ups, or using boosters down. 
13 Ice
131 Ice covers pieces, power ups and cookies in maximum two layers of ice.To remove pieces covered in ice, make matches with pieces of the same color. In case of cookies, donuts and power ups are covered in ice, only power ups can help.
14 Oil
161 Oil spills over the field spreading from one piece after another. You can stop the process by making matches with pieces that rest on oil or activating power-ups.
15 Surprise Box
Sp. Boxes
191 Surprises Boxes contain a random power-up or obstacle (Ice, Chains, and Cookies). You can open them to reveal what's inside by making matches or exploding power-ups next to them.
16 Statues
221 Statues can be made using the unusual stones available on some levels. It takes three power-up explosions next to one of them to make a statue. Pieces and Rainbow Balls do not affect Statues.
17 Donut Maker
Donut maker
251 In some levels, Donuts need to be made Make matches or explode power ups next to the donut maker to produce donuts.
18 Soap Foamer
Soap foamer
301 The soap foamer produces suds in every move you make. Matches and power ups can help in removing the suds. This element can't be removed.
19 Walnut
351 You need to explode power-ups next to them until walnuts are completely gone. All power ups remove walnuts except Rainbow Balls.
20 Window Blinds
401 Window Blinds cover a row or a column(in levels with gravitation) on the game field. You need to make matches or explode power-ups next to them to roll them up towards the top.
21 Rich Suds
Rich suds
476 . It looks more like suds. But unlike ordinary suds which directly spread into one tile, rich suds forms bubbles too. Make two matches or activate two power ups to remove rich suds.
22 Gramophone
576 Gramophone is a special element that produces Notes. Make three matches next to Gramophones to produce these Notes that appear on pieces. Pieces with Notes change color with each move that you make. 
23 Cobwebs
676 Cobwebs keep you from swapping pieces. But you can use those pieces in combinations. Cobwebs let pieces fall down. Activate power ups to remove Cobwebs.
24 Puzzles
776 Puzzles cover an area in the gamefield. To complete the puzzle, match the puzzle pieces of different colours with pieces of the same color  or activate power ups next to those pieces When you collect all pieces of the puzzle, the puzzle closes, and that particular area is revealed. 
25 Carpet Rolls
Carpet Roll
856 In some levels carpets are covered in carpet rolls. Make matches, or activate power ups and boosters next to the carpet rolls to spread carpets in all four directions. Carpet rolls are of 5 types.
26 Ice Bomb
Ice bomb
956 In some levels ice bombs are present. Ice bombs show the number of moves before it explodes. After it explodes, it covers 8 nearby tiles in ice. To prevent this,make matches with pieces of the same colour. The ice bomb destroys after that.
27 Ribbons with Bows
1206 Ribbon with Bows is blocking part of the field on some levels. Make matches or activate power-ups next to it to untie the Bows. You can remove an entire chain of connected bows by untying at least one of them. 
28 Ceramic Tiles
1281 Matches can easily remove Regular tiles. But in the case of Ceramic tiles activate power-ups on the tile piece to remove the ceramic coating. Make matches to clear up the remaining tile portions that's left of the Tile.
29 Alarm Clock
1356 Alarm Clocks have a timer showing the number of moves before it reaches "0". Remove Alarm Clocks by making matches of the same color, or by activating power-ups next to them. If an Alarm Clock goes off, you lose the level.
30 Ring
1606 Ring Boxes are special elements that contain Rings. Not all ring boxes contain rings Find them by making matches or activating power-ups next to the Ring Boxes.
31 Plasma Globe
1706 When you charge it, by making matches or activating power ups, three times, the Globe will remove all the pieces of a random color.
32 Oil Pitcher
Oil Pitcher-0
1806 In some levels where oil is required you will find Oil Pitchers. Open it by making 1-2 matches next to it or activating 1-2 power ups on it. After it opens it will spread max 9 surrounding tiles in oil.
33 Cat Treats
1906 Cat Treats are wrapped in many layers, each of which is smaller than the previous layer. Open the packets by making matches or activating power-ups next to them. Each time a layer of wrapping is removed, the Cat Treat moves to a different tile on the field. 
34 Walls
Unbreakable Walls
2006 You can't swap pieces separated by walls, even they don't break exploding power-ups.
35 Toaster
2156 Toaster is a special element that produces toast. Activate power-ups and make matches next to the Toaster to make toast. Each match or power up collects two toasts at once. 
36 Cookie Stack
Cookie Stack
2306 In some levels cookies are stored in cookie stacks. Make matches, or activate power ups and boosters to remove the cookies from the stacks. Cookie stacks are of three stages. 
37 Soap
2456 Removes and replaces obstacles with suds.
38 Containers of Corn
2606 Make six continuous matches or six Power ups, to remove all the corn from a container.
39 Ball of Yarn
2756 Make matches or activate power ups to roll the ball of Yarn into the basket where it belongs.
40 Phone
2906 You can make matches or activate power-ups next to the Phone to remove it, but you can only do so while the Phone is ringing, which lasts only for two moves. If you don't manage to remove it, a different Phone will start ringing. After you pick the phone, you can make matches on that place.
41 Flower Pots
3056 Growing all flowers, makes the pots dissappear.
42 Magic Hats
Magic Hats
3236 Make matches or activate power ups next to the elements marked in the Magic Hats, remove all the elements in the field.
43 Water Buckets
Water Buckets
3416 To collect Water buckets, make matches or activate power ups next to the nearby pieces covered in water. After you collect water in the bucket, the sponge squeezes the water into the bucket. To collect the bucket make a match next to the bucket, after collecting all of the nearby water.
44 Color Pencils
3596 To collect color pencils, make matches of the same color as that of the pencil. next to a case of crayons. A case can have only 4 crayons
45 Vacuum
3776 Charge the Vacuum by making combinations with colors that match the Vacuum, and it will remove all the pieces in its way!
46 Cat Houses
Cat Houses
3956 Remove the Cat Houses to collect cute kittens!
47 Jam Jars
Jam Jars
4136 Fill the Jars with colorful Jam to remove them from the field
48 Refrigerators
4316 Explode power-ups to open the refrigerator, then remove the cans by making matches or activating power-ups next to it.
49 Compasses
4496 To collect compasses, make matches next to the glowing side or activate power-ups. The glowing side rotates clockwise with each move you make.
50 Ivy
4646 Make matches or activate power-ups to free the pieces from its tendrils and keep them from spreading.
51 Steam 4796 Steam covers pieces and elements on the puzzle field. Make matches or activate power-ups to get rid of steam.
52 Brooches 4946 TBA
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