The Cat is a major character in Homescapes and is Austin's pet. He is a plumpish, fluffy tomcat, mostly gray, and with white markings. Unlike any other character in the game, he can be named by the player.


The cat is a bit of a troublemaker, as it has been seen knocking over things, forcing Austin to clean it up. Austin also once says he had a storm, then says that the storm turned out to be the cat. The cat also pretends to be a monster, in the task "Replace Refrigerator" In the kitchen


  • The cat is known to be male, as the first names Austin suggested was Max and Oliver.
  • Although the cat will apparently eat anything, he seems to have a special liking for Olivia's sausages.
  • The cat has above average intelligence for a feline, able to understand many things that Austin says, either to him or in conversations with others.
  • The cat, like most of his species, has an affinity for soft things. When Austin lays a rug or brings in a new piece of furniture, the cat will often come and test it out.
  • The cat is in love with a kitty next doors as seen in the Furry Tales Event
  • A few tasks are based on things that the cat has done.


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