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Carpet is a major element in homescapes, where it needs to be spread into every tile in the game field. It is introduced at level 7. Carpets contain cookies, jelly, statues, ice and others. Remove such elements, so that the carpet could be spread

Carpet TipsEdit

  • Try to create more power up's in the game. This will help spread the carpet faster
  • In the case of obstacles such as chains and boxes, create more rainbow balls combos. Using paper planes would also help
  • In hard levels where carpets are found in only one tile, try using the rocket towards the row where the carpet is seen
  • Never use hammers to spread carpets as hammers cannot spread carpets
  • In Carpet levels with cookies, avoid using rockets as it wastes a number of moves

Carpet TutorialEdit

Still confused on how to spread carpets. Check out this tutorial by the developers 

How to Lay Carpet

How to Lay Carpet

Carpet RollsEdit

In some levels carpets are covered in carpet rolls. Make matches, or activate power ups and boosters next to the carpet rolls to spread carpets in all four directions.  Carpet rolls are of 5 types. Check out the tutorial to know more about carpet rolls

Homescapes Carpet Rolls

Homescapes Carpet Rolls

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