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Camp Site Edit

Campsite is the second area, that Austin restores in the Lake Cabin. He meets Robbie, and his daughter Chloe here.

Plot Edit

Robbie revisits Austin, along with his daughter Chloe. Despite Austin's offer that they can sleep in the house, Chloe is insistent that she and her father camp out in a tent.

Scotty, having heard about Austin's new house, shows up. Austin and Robbie create a fun kids' play area for him and Chloe, allowing the latter to conquer her fear of heights.

Austin dismantles and disposes of an old shed that was built on marshy ground and impossible to salvage. On the spot, he and Robbie construct a guest cottage, built on pilings. The guest house includes a small classroom, in which Chloe and Scotty have Nature lessons with Katherine, Shanti, and Tom. They enjoy and relax at the Campfire, and prepare some marvelous camp dishes.

When a severe flood hits the area, Austin and Robbie set up a radio station to help people get to safety. They also rescue several animals when the tree they lived in is threatened.

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