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Boathouse iNTRODUCTION Edit

Boathouse is the 11th Area that Austin restores in his Mansion. This is the last unrenovated part of his parents' Mansion, and the area that takes the fewest days to restore (four instead of the more typical six).

Plot Edit

Austin finds out that all rooms are fully renovated. But his parent remind him that a room is still left to restore: the Old Boathouse on the Back of the Mansion. They pull the damaged boat from the water and patch the hull with Raul's help, and also call on Jeb to restore the boathouse, pier, and surrounding area. At Stephanie's suggestion, they also outfit the pier with various emergency equipment.

Meanwhile, Olivia and William prepare the Family Album sharing all the memories they had while restoring the Old Mansion. It's never stated, but it seems as though they are expecting Austin to depart soon.

Eventually, they yacht is seaworthy, and they take it out for a sail, but he falls into the Water unexpectedly and gets sick. Shanti treats him, and makes the pier area more relaxing.

An adventurous Austin tries again, and he and Katherine eventually go sailing together. On his trip, he spies a secluded lake Cabin, which is on sale for an extremely low price (90% off). Austin gets surprised and wonders why such a wonderful cabin would be sold in such a cheap price.

Meanwhile Olivia finishes her Album. The plot ends with Austin buying the old Lake Cabin and preparing to relocate there.

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