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The player can buy coins and boosters for real money here. The price varies from currency to currency. The price shown here is on the basis of USD.

The Bank can be accessed by tapping on coin symbol in the upper-right corner.

Packs[edit | edit source]

Different Packs

Offer Cost Rewards
Starter Pack 1 RocketBomb.png,
1 Rainbow Ball.PNG,
1 Paper Plane b.png 
Apprentice Pack 2 RocketBomb.png,

2 Rainbow Ball.PNG,
2 Paper Plane b.png 

Pro Pack 3 RocketBomb.png,
3 Rainbow Ball.PNG,  

3 Paper Plane b.png 
3 Glove.png
3 Hammer.png  

Veteran Pack 6 RocketBomb.png,
6 Rainbow Ball.PNG,  

6 Paper Plane b.png 
6 Glove.png
6 Hammer.png

Master Pack 7 RocketBomb.png,
7 Rainbow Ball.PNG,  

7 Paper Plane b.png 
7 Glove.png
7 Hammer.png

Champion's Pack 13 RocketBomb.png,
13 Rainbow Ball.PNG,  

13 Paper Plane b.png 
13 Glove.png
13 Hammer.png

Special Offers[edit | edit source]

Sometimes, the game offers a Special Offer, usually at 85% off. These can contain coins, boosters and unlimited lives. The offer is usually available for an hour and can't be purchased during gameplay.

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