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Austin's Bedroom is the main location in Homescapes. It is the first room that Austin renovates. It is right of the Main Hall.


Austin revisits his family mansion but is shocked to see it in ruins. He learns that his house is on the verge of being sold.

He decided to clean and renovate his bedroom so that he can keep his belongings. The mailwoman Lisa delivers his parrot, Captain Flint, which he forgot at the airport. The Day ends with Austin restoring the whole room.

Tasks Edit

Sl.No Task Stars Needed Home XP
1 Replace the Carpet 1Stars 30xp
2 Clean the Room 1Stars 20xp
3 Replace the Armchair 1Stars 15xp
4 Replace the Bed 1Stars 15xp
5 Replace the Cabinets 1Stars 1Stars 10xp 5xp
6 Get a Cage 1Stars 5xp
3000 Coins
7 Stars 100xp
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