Andy is a major character in Homescapes.

Personality Edit

Andy is very artistic, and sometimes a bit odd. He seems to prefer art that is ultra-modern in nature, and sometimes on the strange side. For instance, when he is called in to restore some statues in the mansion, he repeatedly suggests painting one of them pink. He is an animal rights advocate, indicated by the unique way he "restores" two statues of animals later in the story. He sometimes calls ordinary things 'boring'.

However, he is a very skilled artist. While Austin and family have regularly vetoed his more extreme ideas, they have allowed and appreciated many of his visions, most notably his proposed changes to Robbie's project for the woodworking festival.

He plays a significant role in the same's Studio level. In addition to creating several art projects of his own (some of which are destroyed or abandoned), he aids William, Katherine, and Patrick in their own artistic endeavors.

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