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Event IntroductionEdit

In this event, you need to beat levels (except the first level)in one try to help Austin fly a kite all the way to the clouds. As a reward, you get bonuses at the start of each following level.

Reaching more distant clouds with the kite means getting more bonuses at the start of the following level. If you lose a level, you'll have to launch the kite all over again, by completeting levels in a go..

This event occurs regularly in the game and is time-limited. Your progress from previous tries in the event doesn't get saved.


  • All players who have reached Level 31 can participate.
  • Bonuses are awarded only for beating the main chain of levels or levels with chests. The chain of levels from Furry Tale doesn't count toward bonuses.
  • Once you reach the farthest cloud, you stay at that level until you lose a level or until the event finishes
  • If a level starts with a tutorial, the bonuses will be awarded after the tutorial is shown.


  • 1 Level- Rainbow Ball
  • 2 Levels- Rainbow Ball and Bomb
  • 3 or more levels in the first try- Rainbow Ball, Bomb and +3-0
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